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Dedicated IT professionals are members of your team. You manage their work and only you have access to them during the work day throughout the period of the agreement. Expand your business faster, simpler and effectively

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Bypass your competitors and enjoy all the IT benefits. Order modern internet project which will optimise your company’s process, reduce expences and lift your business to the next level.

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We are proud to offer long-term relations and professional services to our clients. Our main goal is satisfied customers’ needs.

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MrOrange Travel Technology – leading Swedish travel technology company, specialising in travel automation systems, mainly focusing on internet sector. In Lithuania it manages dedicated team of 6 experienced programmers.

MrOrange Travel TechnologyDedicated team manager

Advertising agency in Sweden providing wide range of IT services, manages dedicated team of 4 programmers in Lithuania.

Wasabi WebDedicated team manager

Client – furniture store, investing in trade modernisation and automation. Ordered services – IT project management and implementation.

balduturgus.ltE-shop development and improvement

Client – one of the Baltic states flexible packaging of polymer films with flexographic printing production leaders. Ordered services – technical website support.

IOCO PackagingWebsite support

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