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UAB “Inkodus” is European oriented Lithuanian capital IT consultancy established in 2012. We have started our business as high-quality programming and technological solutions supplying company. However, we took clients’ demands into consideration, adjusted our business trend and now we unite the best IT professionals while providing dedicated team services to other companies.

We are proud to offer long-term relationships and professional services to our clients. Our main goal is satisfied customers’ needs. This is why we listen to the needs of every individual client, we work rapidly and flexible and for dedicated teams we choose only highly recognised IT specialists.

The main value of our company is the people who are working in our team. We take care of their wellfare and good work conditions thus guaranteeing motivated staff to fulfil your company’s needs.


UAB Inkodus is established in the very centre of Lithuania – in Kaunas. This is the second largest city in Lithuania and is recognised and appreciated by businesses for its good connections with other regions as well as rapidly developing IT community. The main Lithuanian university of technology – Kaunas University of Technology – is established in Kaunas as well.

Lithuania is rightful member of the European Union and is situated in the very centre of Europe. Our country also is a part of Schengen Agreement and NATO alliance and this is why it is attractive to the foreign investors. UAB “Inkodus” has chosen Lithuania as its headquarters, can guarantee reliable partnership for your business and comprehensive assistance to implement your ideas.

All employees are equal, have possability to share their ideas and help achieve set goals. This attitude towards the team members is a key to success, because employees who are free and have inner motivation always bring better and faster results.

Positivity and constant search for new opportunities is inherent to all specialists both working in dedicated teams and administration. We believe that if we know you – you definitely feel that! And if not – we are keen to know you and to share enthusiasm!

Programming service

Professional programming services. A dedicated team that will implement all the IT solutions that you need is quickly gathered by professional IT specialists. Quickly assemble a dedicated team of IT professionals, who will implement all the IT solutions needed. Business management systems development, business process automation, ecommerce systems and mobile apps.

From the idea to operating product.

Teams of developers

One of our strongest attributes is the formation of dedicated IT teams of professional – only the best IT professionals, dedicated only to your project full time.

IT support service

IT specialists dedicated to your project ensure high quality maintenance and development of IT projects – programming of new additional functions, problem solving.

Startups development

Technical implementation of your IT ideas. We build a team of relevant IT professionals who will implement your project’s minimum viable product (MVP) or consistently develop the idea.

Grow up your business with a dedicated IT team

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