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Dedicated IT team

Rapid development │Cost reduction │No stress over staff

What is a dedicated team?

Dedicated IT specialists is an effective opportunity to expand your IT team. Experienced programmers, system architects, UI/UX specialists, project leaders are ready to join you immediately and fulfill most complex tasks.

Unlike standard outsourcing, the dedicated team provides more control and opportunity influence work processes. Our IT specialists will work with you and on your projects only throughout the entire collaboration period. 100% effectiveness, no distractions, no additional projects – all attention and concentration to you only.

Dedicated teams allow faster development of the company, avoid stress to search for suitable employees, no need to care to establish a company in a foreign country, enquire about its law system, establish work places, hire administration staff and go through staff selection process. We have already done all that and thus we offer you to use our infrastructure – office, work places, administration personnel. All our employees have comfortable work place and environment, so all you are left with is the development of an IT project and direct collaboration with dedicated team of IT professionals.

Rapid and smooth development saving your company costs. Working alongside dedicated team, your company will gain highest level IT professionals and all their work time allocated to your project only with no extra costs. You will not need to take care of administrative solutions, work place establishment, recruiting and maintaining accountants or administrators. So, all investment cost into your business development will be reasonably lower and all attention paid towards main projects will bring better and faster results.

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How to start?


Send us an enquiry

Fill short inquiry form or contact us via e-mail or phone.

Select and test candidates

Look through CVs of potential specialists and test the ones you are interested in.

Sign collaboratin agreement

After selecting suitable specialists, dedicated team is formed and collaboration agreement is signed

Start working with the team

After signing an agreement, you are provided with all necessary information so you can manage your dedicated team

How dedicated team works?

Dedicated team is not a standard outsourcing as many people think. After choosing dedicated team formatting service, you directly participate in both its creating – selecting and testing candidates and in daily work management – dedicated team members are as if your employees allocating 100% of their work time and fully accountable to you. This allows you to totally control and manage your IT project as well as follow processes.

After gathering specialists and signing collaboration agreement, you have the ability to directly communicate and manage your team throughout the period. You can communicate at your convenience via Skype, Slack or other software, directly allocate tasks and get answers about their status. To your convenience, team members register work time and completed tasks on a daily basis and also participate in project planning if required. Every employee from a dedicated team becomes 100% part of your company and can be presented as rightful specialists and employees of your company. In order to strengthen connections, we encourage live meetings. Those can be arranged in your company office when forming dedicated team members or in our Inkodus office in Kaunas.

Our job is to make sure that you will not need to care of office establishment and maintenance, administration and IT staff welfare and motivating environment development. We will take care of all that and all you have to do is to pay a bill once a month. It will contain wages and fees of dedicated team members, minimal team support margin and other essential expenses. All conditions, prices and responsibilities are defined and approved in advance in the collaboration agreement, thus allowing you to constantly plan and manage company expenses.

We are a reliable partner, who is doing all administration jobs for you allowing you to concentrate only to direct work.